Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yosemite Paintings

"Yosemite Blues"
Original Watercolor
9"x 12"

After doing some sketchs on site I was anxious to paint some scenes of the valley back in the studio so I could use my good watercolor papers and really have fun with the blues and greys of the distant mountains done with my sedimentary colors. This painting is done on Fabriano Artistico Extra White cold press 140 lb. It is one of the first landscapes I have done where I have included people in the composition. I felt they were needed to give a sense of scale to the mountains. Yosemite's beauty is almost beyond words and I am fortunate to be able to express my feelings for this valley in pencil or pigment.

This is a watercolor sketch done in Yosemite in May. I was set up to paint while sitting on the tailgate of our car parked near the chapel. My daughter was taking a nap in the car and Bill was over by the river taking photographs. It took more time to sketch than usual because cars kept driving in front of my view. It wasn't such a good idea to go to the park on Memorial Day weekend. There were lots of people enjoying the beauty of this perfect spring day. So my next sketches were done in more secluded spots.


  1. Oh Lisa...this is just amazingly lovely. I have only been to CA once and that was just a short stay in San Francisco. I have never seen the redwoods or Yosemite. But we have a family wedding in Santa Cruz on Sept 5 and Greg and I are flying out. Afterwards we'll stay a week and drive south. I plan to bring my sketchbook. Any suggestions?

  2. Ginny, thank-you so much for your compliment. How nice that you have a wedding and then some vacation time. You will be awe-struck by Yosemite but make sure you see Sequoia National Park also. The trees are overwhelming. My best advice is to rise early and be at your sketching site by 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. That gives you a couple hours before the crowds of people arrive. If you have time to drive down the coast a way it would be worth it as September is the perfect month because the fog has dissipated. Have a wonderful trip!

  3. Lisa,
    I am very pleased to see how wonderful the Yosemite Blues turned out. You were only half completed when we visited this summer. It was great to see you and Bill. After we returned home from Vegas David said he knows what to get me for Christmas now. Don't be surprised if you hear from him! Thanks again and keep up the good work. love, Kathie

  4. Hi Kathie! I'm glad you like the Yosemite painting. I did some unusual trimming of my bamboo brushes to get the pine tree effects. I'm glad it worked because if it hadn't I don't know what I would have done with those brushes! We're looking forward to the day you and David add another watercolor to your collection of Faulkner Wright paintings! It was wonderful seeing you both again. Love, Lisa


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