Friday, September 18, 2009

Boulder City Art in the Part Festival!

The Boulder City Art in the Part Festival is coming up and it's going to be on October 3rd and 4th. I will have my paintings on display that weekend so we are busy matting, framing and documenting all of the fresh paintings I have recently finished. I look forward to the response to my latest work and I also will enjoy seeing what my colleagues have produced in the past year. Hope to see you there!

Sketchbook Pages

The page on the right has a few of what I call small treasures of Red Rock Canyon. The datura bush was blooming in the picnic area of Red Springs and while I was studying it a beautiful woodpecker landed in the velvet ash tree above me. I missed a shot of him though as they're very camera shy. The day I found the pine cones Bill and I had driven up one of the old fire roads to visit one of our favorite springs. The pinyon pine cones we found there were beautiful with the green tips of their scales contrasting with the deep sienna centers. If you look closely you can see a little seed that was left. We stayed so late it was dark as we drove back down the mountain side and in the headlights we saw a desert bighorn sheep crossing the road ahead of us. A full moon was rising over Las Vegas and the lights of the city were sparkling silver and gold and ruby. It looked like Christmas in the valley.