Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nerikomi Porcelain From Our Gas Kiln

I have been working in the clay studio with my husband this  past month .  He  works there everyday and I am usually in my painting studio.  But he talked me into finishing some pieces I started a few years ago and carrying on in  the direction I was going at the time.  So this is a photo of a glaze firing we did this past Monday.  Bill made most of the pots in  this firing.  There were 90 pieces in all.  But 20 of them were mine and I'm very happy with them.  It felt wonderful to handle porcelain again and play with patterns of colored clays on the shoulders of the pieces.  Below is a photo of some of the work.  

The tall faceted bottle in the foreground is one of Bill's o'hata red pieces.  The vases behind the bottle are some of my nerikomi porcelain work.  The pots didn't stay on this table beside the kiln for long.  We are having 110 degree heat nearly everyday here in Las Vegas so we unloaded the kiln, took some quick snapshots and carried everything inside and out of this heat wave.