Monday, July 27, 2009

"June in Red Rock Canyon"
9" x 6"
Original Watercolor

I painted this little watercolor in my studio a couple of days ago from a reference photo taken over a year ago. Up in the desert in the spring of 2008 the indigo bush put on a rich show of color. These plants didn't bloom this past spring so I was glad I had gotten a few photos from the spring before. The painting is small so I didn't put in specific details of the flowers. I spritzed the purples in the foreground and then immediately lifted with a paper towel to give the plant a little texture. It is on Fabriano Artistico Extra White cold press. I can always count on this paper to allow me to lift for this effect. When this plant is in bloom there are acres and acres of the valley dotted with this intense purple. It is a pretty sight!


  1. Wow, Lisa. The lovely purples are amazing. Can you tell me a little about the colors you used for this wonderful effect? I also like the unusual sizing which I think adds to the interest of the painting.

  2. Hi Ginny, thank-you. The purple was underglazed with Daniel Smith's ultramarine violet wet-into wet. That's a great color-leans toward the blue. Then the darker shadows were dry-brushed on using a mix of Windsor Newton's Windsor blue (red shade) plus Daniel Smith Quinacridone Rose. This mix gives me a really dark purple. I'm glad you like the size. This proportion works well for isolating one mountain peak out of a range of peaks then a bit of the foreground. Helps to simplify.

  3. beautiful...I love the textures you created!

  4. Thank-you Pamela, I do like creating textures in watercolor. It's half the fun. The medium is capable of reproducing almost any texture in nature as long as the painter is willing to be experimental with tools and brushes.


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