Friday, August 6, 2010

Stoneware Vase In Watercolor

"Stoneware With Glaze Splatters"
7" x 9" Watercolor

Last weekend I spent an hour in the morning on our back patio painting a large stoneware vase I had set in the sun next to the lawn. I wanted a nice light/shadow pattern to play with. I was in the shade though as it was probably 100 degrees already even at 10 a.m. The vase is one of my husband's beautiful buff-colored stoneware pieces which he forms on the wheel with ribs held on the inside of the cylinder of clay while the vase shape developes. This method creates an outside surface texture that is organic and earthy. It was fun to work with dry-brush watercolor textures on cold press paper to depict pottery that has the same type of surface treatment. This was done in a Canson Montval watercolor sketchbook and was built up with 4-5 glazes layers.


  1. That's neat that your husband is an artist also - I'm always fascinated by pottery. I took a minute to go back over your last few posts (been a while!) and your landscapes are beautiful. I can appreciate your heat - although we have lots of humidity in conjunction with the heat, so I win on the "miserable" scale!

  2. Hi Deb, Thank-you for your comments on my landscapes. It is difficult to paint en plein air during the summer months here in Las Vegas but I don't envy you the humidity where you are! Yes, my better half is also an artist - we met 25 years ago in a pottery workshop!

    Congratulations on being published in "Best of America Watermedia"! Definitely the kind of attention you deserve.


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