Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Afternoon Iris" Original 5 x 7 watercolor

"Afternoon Iris"
5 x 7
Original Watercolor
I haven't been able to get out and paint on location the past couple of weeks for a few reasons. We've had very strong winds here in Las Vegas for quite a while and that put a damper on a couple of weekends. Also, I've been working fervently on new large studio paintings (and all the framing that goes along with that) to show at the Boulder City Fine Arts Festival on April 18th and 19th. I was determined, however, to get out of the studio and paint and so, I took my watercolors and moved to the dining room. I set a vase of flowers up on an old chinese chest we keep in front of a picture window, pulled up a chair, and painted this little watercolor. The background is from my imagination as the view out from the window behind the flower was actually our backyard block wall. Thankfully the winds have finally died down some and we'll be able to go on our regular jaunts once again.


  1. I like your creative way of getting out of the studio!! Very nice little painting!

  2. Thanks Chris! Sometimes when I have big projects going on it helps to take a short break and just paint something fresh and simple.


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