Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boulder City Fine Art Festival 2009

Bill and I and Liz had a great time this past weekend out at the Boulder City Fine Art Festival in Boulder City, Nevada. It is sponsored by the Boulder City Art Guild and held on the shady lawns of Bicentennial Park. There were over 80 artists there, all of whom are creating art that is thought-provoking, genuine and well-made. We had many good conversations with our fellow artist-neighbors as well as the art patrons. Some of the conversations were quite light-hearted and funny while others were discussions on the current state of art education in the schools.

This is a photo of me walking back to our booth after being presented with the Cliff Segerblom Award. Cliff Segerblom was chief photographer for the Bureau of Reclamation Hoover Dam Project. Mr. Segerblom, as a photographer and a painter, and his wife Gene Segerblom, as a teacher, writer and historian, have a long history of service to southern Nevada. During my years as exhibition chairman for the Nevada Watercolor Society I had the pleasure of presenting this award to several accomplished artists. So it was an honor to be awarded with this distinction myself. I also had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Mrs. Segerblom during the art show. Nevada is fortunate to have such supporters of the arts in our state and I am most grateful for this award.

This is a photo of an 18"x 24" watercolor titled "Sky Blue Pool". The photo shows the painting along with the ribbon which was part of the Cliff Segerblom Award which I received at the Boulder City Fine Art Festival. The painting shows a tranquil pool of rainwater I came across out at Valley of Fire State Park and my interpretation of the scene. 


  1. Lisa, What an awesome artst you are! I enjoyed looking thru your blog after finding you via Chris's unique blog. Love the way you add so much texture to the colors. Beautiful.

  2. Thanks Sandy! After seeing what you are able to achieve with texture in your paintings we must be kindred spirits. I do like building up layers of color and the textures that I see in the landscape.

  3. Hi Lisa, wonderful paintings,you handle the color contrasts very well. I was visiting your blog, the older posts... your sketchbook is delightful. I'll link your blog to mine. Great job!

  4. Thanks Fabio! When I reach the stage in my painting when I am about to paint the final details, I adjust the large areas of color with a glaze of the local color's compliment. That mutes the colors but enrichs them at the same time. And I'm glad you're enjoying the sketchbooks!

  5. Hi Lisa! Congratulations on your award. It's great that your artistic talents are now formally acknowledged by this prestigeous award. Way to go Lady! You are awesome and your paintings are truly beautiful.


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